Brake Line 101
Installing a rear driver
side brake line on a
2003 Wrangler Rubicon
Rear Brake Line OEM
Removal of OEM Gas Skid and
Installation of a Kilby Gas Skid
A 2006 TJ Rubicon Gets A New Kilby Gas Skid Shannon
Rebuilding a Bilstein 7100 Shock
Bilstein 7100 Gets
a New Lease on Life
The Forklift is the
Official Jeep Adjustment Tool
Vicki and Alan get their Rocker Panel Straightened Jeep Adjustment Tool
Rock Hard Roll Cage Install
June 2007
Shannon Gets a new Rock Hard Roll Cage Shannon installs her new roll cage
PSC Steering Gear Installation
in a 2003 Wrangler
TJ Rubicon with no
Body Lift Gets a New
Steering Gear
Installation of Gyro Bushings on an
Nth Degree Long Arm
This Bushing Isn't Giving
Up Without a Good Fight
The Ultimate use of Rescue Lines
Kevin Fixes His Control Arm
with WinchlinesTM
Tree strap holding control arm
Differential 101
Removing, cleaning, sealing and replacing the differential cover - Two examples - once with RTV and once with Lubelocker The new Riddler Diff Cover
The Buildinig of Kevin's TJ
A Tour of Kevin's TJ as He
gets it ready for
Last Chance Qualifier
King of the Hammers
February 2010
Kevin's TJ
Kevin Gets His TJ Ready
for King of the Hammers
Last Chance Qualifier
Taking off A Knuckle
Disassembling Your
Front End
Savvy Aluminum Rocker Panels
Installation of
Savvy Rocker Panels
on a 2003 TJ
Rocker Panel
Genright Body Mounts

Installation of Genright
Body Mounts
2003 Jeep TJ

Measuring Your Pinion Offset

Measurement of
Pinion Offset on a
2003 TJ

Pinion Offset
Aluminum Rear Bumper Install
Installation of a Savvy
Rear Bumper on a
2003 TJ
Rear Bumper
Repair of a Hole in a Polyethylene Water Tank
From an RV Trailer
Ronco Plastics Demonstrates How Spin Welding is used on Polyethylene Jesus
The Ultimate use of Rescue Lines
Kevin Fixes His Control Arm
with WinchlinesTM
Tree strap holding control arm
My Check Engine Light is On
My Gas Tank is Leaking

Code # 455 or 456
Large or Small
Evaporative Leak

Check Engine
Code Page

Installation of a JKS Engine Lift
on a 2003 TJ Rubicon
Installation of a
JKS #8100 Engine Lift
Rubber Insulator
Installation of a Currie Body Lift
An '03 Wrangler TJ Gets
a Currie CE9300 Body Lift
Body Lift by Currie
Installation of a Savvy Offroad
Aluminum Gas Skid
A 2003 TJ Rubicon
Gets a New Savvy Offroad Gas Skid
Savvy Tank
Fun with Winchlines
A Sampling of WinchlineTM and Spotter Line Uses Use of a spotter line
Poison Spyder Fender Install
June 2007
Vicki and Alan get new Poison Spyder Front Fenders Alan and Kevin installing new fenders
Kevin of Big Ugly has Built Lots of Buggies
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