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Notes on the install

This is a video of the replacement of a broken steering gear on a 2003 Wrangler Rubicon TJ with no body lift. The old OEM Mercedes gear box had a broken sector shaft and is being replaced by a new PSC Saginaw gear.

The PSC box has the capability for hydraulic assist but it was not installed on this video. The steering stabilizer in the video was originally on the OEM gear but was modified with a hydraulic press so it would fit the new gear. (Thanks Dennis)

Because there was no body lift, part of the plastic fan shroud had to be cut away so that the hoses could fit. This was accomplished with a Sawzall.

After a couple of trail runs at the Hammers, the box is moving the 35" tires like a champ, even without replacing the power steering pump.


Installation of a PSC Steering Box
on a Wrangler TJ with No Body Lift