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Notes on the install*

This video is of the installation of an aluminum gas skid by Savvy Offroad on a 2003 TJ Rubicon. The weight on this skid is a skinny 35 pounds. The video does not address removing or replacing the fender liners because the liners had already been removed.

Note that this video does not show the procedure for dropping the gas tank. Please refer to the video for the installation of the Kilby skid below if you want to see dropping the gas tank.

Installation of a Currie
Body Lift #CE 9300 on a
TJ Rubicon
Body Lift
Installation of a JKS
Engine Lift #8100 on a
TJ Rubicon
Rubber Insulator
Shannon Gets a Kilby Gas Skid in
her 2006 TJ Rubicon
*Please make sure you do your research before attempting any project. This video, while containing helpful information, may not include all the information you need for your application. Note that any work you do based on this information is at your own risk.

Installation of a Savvy Offroad Aluminum
Gas Skid on a 2003 TJ with a Body Lift - June 2009