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Notes on the Video

The differential cover in the first half of the video was so shaved down from scraping over rocks there was the screw hardley had any metal around it and there was barely any sealant surface left. We thought we may be able to get a few more months out of it, but it proved too thin to hold the gear oil and leaked profusely after just a couple of trail runs. That is why the second half of the video shows a new Riddler cover. Overall, the cover seems to be very good. JP Magazine rated it very strong. You can read the reviews here. We decided to try the Lubelocker to see if it was more leak-proof than the RTV.

The differential took about 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 quarts of gear oil to fill. The video shows 75W-140 synthetic oil but we have since gone to 85W-140 non-synthetic oil which is significantly cheaper.

The bolts that came with the cover were 5/16-18 x 7/8.

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