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Notes on the install*

This video shows the removal of the OEM gas skid plate and installation of a Kilby Gas Skid. The electrical connection is on top of the tank which makes is very important to drop the tank only enough to be able to get to the plug or you risk damaging your wiring. Only drop the tank after the electrical plugs and all lines are disconnected. The number of lines your have will vary from model to model. For an example of a 2003 tank, refer to the Savvy Offroad Install of which the link is below.

Installation of a Savvy Offroad
Aluminum Gas Skid on a 2003
TJ Rubicon
Savvy Tank
*Please make sure you do your research before attempting any project. This video, while containing helpful information, may not include all the information you need for your application. Note that any work you do based on this information is at your own risk.

Installation of a Kilby Gas Skid on a
2006 TJ Rubicon - April 2009