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Notes on the install*

This video shows a gas tank sending unit with a gasket that has folded in on itself causing a leak. The leak produced a check engine light and a code (455 or 456) a large/small evaporative leak. The leak was also evident when the tank was filled to capacity and the gas went all over the ground.

To get the code from you Wrangler without a code reader, turn the key to the point just before the engine cranks and return the key to the starting position, three consecutive times. The code should appear where your mileage normally is viewed. For a list of the codes and what they tell you, go to the Engine Codes page.

The gasket was replaced because the old gasket was no longer a snug fit to the sending unit. The part was ordered from Four Wheel Parts #JEP 52018808 for $8.99.

If you would like to see how to drop a gas tank, go to "Shannon Gets a Kilby Gas Skid."

Installation of a Currie
Body Lift #CE 9300 on a
TJ Rubicon
Body Lift
Installation of a JKS
Engine Lift #8100 on a
TJ Rubicon
Rubber Insulator
Shannon Gets a Kilby Gas Skid in
her 2006 TJ Rubicon
*Please make sure you do your research before attempting any project. This video, while containing helpful information, may not include all the information you need for your application. Note that any work you do based on this information is at your own risk.

Replacement of a 2003 Wrangler
Gas Tank Sending Unit Gasket - June 2009