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The Brutal Stampede Race
September 11, 2010
Best in the Desert
Silver State 300
April 24, 2010
King of the Hammers
February 2010
Tony Pelligrino

Additional KOH
2010 Videos

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Ferravanti Racing
Home Page for
Big Ugly Racing
Kevin and Tim
Ultra 4 Racing
John Cagliero
Ultra4 National Championship
October 22, 2016
DSquared Racing
Ultra4 National Championship
October 22, 2016
A Cluster in the Wrecking Ball Canyon
4490 Roll and many others
KOH 2012
Wrecking Ball Waterfall
Twelve Drivers
Tony Pelligrino
Qualifying Round
Big Show
Press Conference
Gary Ferravanti Sr.
Gary Ferravanti Jr.
Richie Carter &
Jessi Combs
Qualifying Round KOH 2012
Richie Carter & Jessi Combs
Ultra4 Go Kart Challenge
July 15, 2011
Go Karts
Buggy #222 Cartwheels
at the
American Rock
Sports Challenge
July 16, 2011
Tony Pelligrino & Tony Firoi Race the Silver State 300
April 29, 2011
Tony & Tony
Dave Cole #4454 Races
The Lucas Oil Regional
at Glen Helen Raceway
April 2, 2011
King of the Hammers
February 2011