King of the Hammers
February 12, 2010
An Overall Summary of
2010 KOH
Gary Ferravanti # 444
Finishes 12th in
his first KOH Race
Gary Ferravanti
Kevin Sacalas #4435
Finishes 26th in
his first KOH Race
Part One
Kev on Elvis
Kevin Sacalas #4435
Part Two
Starting Ling
Tony Pelligrino #805
Dials in his new rig for
King of the Hammers
January 2, 2010
Tony Pelligrino
Les Figarora Practices for
the Last Chance Qualifier
January 17, 2010
Wes on Back Door
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King of the Hammers
February 11, 2011
Tony Pelligrino #4485 Finishes Second in King of the Hammers Tony Pelligrino
Gary Ferravanti #4446
Finishes Sixth in King of the Hammers
Gary Ferravanti

Kristin & Richie Carter
# 4474
In King of the Hammers

Kristin and Richie Carter
Jeep Freaks on Outer Limits
May 7, 2011
Mike, Dirt & Eddie
Mike Sullivan
Dave and Mickey Dave
Dave, John, Dwain,
Vicki and Alan
King of the Hammers 2011
Is That Larry McCray in
a JK #80 in
King of the Hammers?
Larry McCray
Jon Cagliero #27
in his first
King of the Hammers
Randy Slawson #4448
Finishes Fourth
in King of the Hammers
Les Figueroa #4478
Finishes Ninth in
King of the Hammers
Les Figueroa
Ben Napier #4461
Passes Tom Ways
on Back Door
Riffle Canyon
May 28, 2011
Is Riffle Canyon a Buggy
Only Trail?
Fixing Lugs
Thanksgiving 2011 at Johnson Valley
Pete Trasborg Photographs Rubi for Jp Magazine pete
Random shots of
Chocolate Thunder ,
Sledge Hammer and
The Dunes
Ben Napier & Rancy Slawson
on the Lakebed in
Johnson Valley
October 23, 2010

Ben Napier
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