4435 Winner Ultra 4 Class
Best in the Desert - Vegas to Reno August 2009
Team Viking Wins Ultra 4 Class in Best in the Desert - Vegas to Reno Pit Landing
Time to Pack it Up but the
Pits Never End
The Pits
Kevin & Doug on The Podium After the Vegas to Reno Ultra 4 Class Win Kevin and Doug on the Podium
More Vegas to Reno Pictures and Information BITD Logo
King of the Hammers
February 12, 2010
Part One Start Line
Part Two Kevin on Sledgehammer
Resurrection of the Beloved Palm Tree Kory, Kevin and Jason
Silver State 300
April 24, 2010
Dirt Flying at the
Silver State 300
Kevin before Pit 6
Stampede in Reno Nevada
September 11, 2010
Kevin Jumps, Dives and Flies
Prepping for the Race Kevin
Repair of the
Cracked Transfer
2010 Season Recap
A Look Back at the
2010 Racing Season
Big Ugly
King of the Hammers
February 11, 2011
Big Ugly & In the Pink Racing
Join Forces for the Race
Big Ugly and In the Pink Racing
Kevin Builds
Big Ugly 2.0 in
Eight Weeks
Kevin and Big Ugly 2.0
Big Ugly Races the Lucas Oil Series
Glen Helen
Sacalas Takes
First Place
April 6, 2011
Salacas Takes First
Glen Helen
Sacalas Takes
Second Place
June 11, 2011
Big Ugly Racing
2011 Season
A Recap of The 2011
Racing Season
September 10, 2011
Big Ugly Races a
Real Stampede of
Wild Horses
A Real Stampede
Best in the Desert
Silver State 300
April 30, 2011 Tim - Co Driver
American Rocksports Challenge
Toole Utah - July 15-16, 2011
Big Ugly Takes First Place
King of the Hammers 2012
February 5-11
Kevin Turns in a Qualifying time of 5:52 for a Starting Position
of 22
Tim and Kevin

Big Ugly Hits 103
on the Lakebed

Kevin Takes 5th in the
Every Man Challenge
Jeep on Upper Big Johnson
The Mint 400
March 24, 2012
96 mph Crash on the
Lucas Oil Regional
March 10, 2012
It's a Fight to the
Crandon International
The Brush Run
June 15-17, 2012
Muddy Kevin
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2013 Season
American Rocksports Challenge
Toole Utah - July 13, 2013
Grand Prix - Glen Helen
May 25, 2013
Grand Prix
Metalcloak Stampede
Prairie City
April 5-6, 2013
King of the Hammers
February 8, 2013
Tim Races
King of the Trimmers
February 6, 2013