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Big Ugly Crashes at 96 Miles Per Hour
Mint 400 - March 24, 2012

The Mint 400 - Jean Nevada

The Mint 400 race proved to be an elusive race from the very beginning. Just getting to the starting line was a challenge with buggies, trophylites and every other imaginable vehicle trying to get to their pits which created a massive traffic jam. Add that line up was before sunrise which added another level of difficulty to the mix.

This is what Kevin Sacalas was dealing with as he pulled up to be the first Ultra4 (4400 class) to the line. The 4400's were starting just after the trophylites which proved to be a major problem. Within the first ten miles, Sacalas had passed a dozen of the trophylites.

As he entered a large lakebed, the dust cleared and Sacalas went to pass McCarthy Racing. The siren that Sacalas was blaring proved to be no help because as he approached the trophylite, it turned into him probably hitting the mid section of the buggy, apparently never even knowing he was there. Both racers were off course at this point and McCarthy must have realized it and tried to correct his course which is ulitmately why he made a radical left.

Sacalas rolled three and a half times. It totalled the buggy. Both the Driver, Kevin Sacalas, and Co-driver, Brian Grisby walked away from the crash with only minor injuries.

Sacalas is re-building the buggy but will not be able to race Cinco de Baja which was on his original race schedule. He hopes to be racing again by June in the Lucas Oil Regional at Lake Elsinore Speedway in California.