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Notes on the Video

Bill and Irene were checked out at the hospital and back in camp by that afternoon. They were scratched, bruised and quite sore, but were ok for the most part.

Comments from Irene:

We decided to stay until Tuesday, so we could get more rest before the trek home... It's almost scarier watching the video, than to be in the jeep at the time!  While it was happening, it seemed to go on and on, rolling over and over.  I kept wondering, "When is it going to STOP?  And what's going to happen when it finally does stop?  (I had visions of the jeep blowing up, for example.  Guess I have seen too many movies!)

I remember saying at first, "Oh, God, not again!"  (We were in a bad accident 1.5 years ago.)  Our roll cage has really done wonders in saving our lives!  Still, it was a miracle that we all survived this one!  This accident was much worse.  Lovey (the dog) knows how to place herself according to the terrain, but nothing could prepare her for the constant rolling over.  When we are on steep uphill or downhill trails, she gets on the floor of the jeep, and braces her body parallel to our front seats.  If we are on a paved road she gets up on the seat and looks out the window.  She is the best jeeping dog!  She loves to go jeeping.  I wonder if she will still be as happy to go on more trails after this accident.  (Lovey was not with us the day of our first accident.)

All the people there were so wonderful to us.  We couldn't have asked for better friends - from the gals who provided shade for me, gave me water, ice for my head, and helped cheer me up, to the guys who helped getting our jeep back in our trailer.  You were all absolutely terrific!  Dan and Jennifer were so awesome!  They drove us to the hospital, brought water, a sandwich, and a banana.  We were starving, since we had had only a light breakfast at 6:30 before we went on the trail.  They kept checking up on us throughout our stay in the Emergency Room, and took us to Rite Aid so I could get my prescriptions filled before returning to camp.  They spent hours of their special vacation time with us.  We will never forget their kindness.

We couldn't get our dog, Lovey to a vet, since our jeep was so damaged.  We obviously couldn't take her in the motorhome, since Bill was unable to drive.  But R.J. and Travis took her all the way to the Animal Emergency Clinic in Victorville.  I said I would go along, but R.J. insisted that I stay with Bill and take care of him.  Lovey had to spend the night there, so she could be under observation.  She required some stitches, a drainage bag, and antibiotics.  Sunday A.M., R.J. and Travis again drove to Victorville to pick Lovey up.  Again, I wanted to go along to pay for her fees, but again, R.J. insisted that I stay with Bill and rest, and that he would take care of everything.   And he did!  How many people would do this for someone?

I have taken her on walks every day since the accident, and I can see her improving daily.


A Roll Over on Denero
High Desert Roundup, Stoddard Valley
May 23, 2009

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